Sunday, August 21, 2011

I attended a birth recently and the momma screamed bloody murder and thrashed around and pushed out a gorgeous wee babe, just like in the movies (the ones I hate because births are always portrayed as horrid messy screamy messes...but there you have it. After the momma laughed (well, she laughed the next day when the whole thing was a bit fuzzy).

Really, the mom is beautiful her own self and we declared her a fierce goddess warrior with monster growls. Watch out.

After all that, I had to have a lie down. Damn, women are strong.


Ms. Moon said...

I have been to thrashing births. They can be crazy! Women ARE strong and we do what we must to get those wee babes out, don't we?

beth coyote said...

We do, even if sometimes that means a trip to the hospital...fortunately, we have a great hospital here---much gratitude for that.

XX Beth