Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The sun came out today for a bit but fortunately it began to rain again. A soft warm rain. The kind I don't mind getting wet in.

I've begun to take up more sod in my back yard. I'm expanding the flower beds. Sod weighs thousands of pounds. It was so heavy, I couldn't wheel my compost bin out of the yard because I couldn't get it up the single stair. So I went through the gate, into the front yard, all the way around the trees and onto the sidewalk. It is sitting on the curb now. It may sit there until doomsday, as my mother used to say. What is doomsday? A day of doom, I suppose. Today could be a day of doom. It's raining and dark.

Nah. Seattle has lots of doomsdays if that is the case.

I really think I should be made queen so I could have servants to help me with sod removal and other tasks. Sometimes, I just not up to certain things. Like the fuzz on the hanging lights. Should I get a ladder and dust them off? See, I think servants should do that, dust fuzz. And water the plants. Feed the cats. In fact, do all household chores so I could be free to lie abed and think great thoughts. Like the scarecrow in Wizard of Oz.

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