Monday, June 28, 2010

I have to write a syllabus and I don't want to. I want to sit on my deck and eat raspberries and read the NYT. That's the trouble with being a putative adult. You agree to a) go to work on time or b) keep the neighbors from knowing you are a hoarder by at least clearing a path on the front porch or c) let your children know that you're living in the cellar again because the house is haunted and talking to you incessantly. You just want the mail to stop coming. You avoid answering the phone. And when you agree to teach a class, you have to produce a syllabus and a reading list and you have to think about the structure of the classes (sigh) even though you've taught the class for a hundred years and basically, nothing is different. Oh, and you have to not swear in class because an occasional student is offended by swearing. Sheesh, swearing is good, is necessary. In my house growing up, you never swore. Never. As soon as I could, I took up the habit. I mean, I don't smoke, do drugs, or drink (well, sometimes, but not much). I'm a vegan, for cripes sakes.

"...your head is full of liquor and perfume." Chris Pureka. She swears in her songs. And she's mournful. I love her. If she weren't half my age, I 'd attempt to have sex with her. I mean, after dinner and tea and finding out what her sign was.

My writing group is meeting this week. EEEEEEEEE!!!!! Whatever will I bring? Maybe if I bring some chocolate dipped strawberries, they won't notice that I've brought a poem from 1998. Plus I got a rejection from Arsenic Lobster. Nope, but send more. Just publish a poem, dammit. How hard could it be?


Laura Gamache said...

I hate syllabi
write it as a poem
and take it to poetry group
covered with chocolate
I love swearing
it isn't mean
my mom never swore but damn
shut up can hurt like a slap

beth coyote said...

Thank you Laura. Great idea, esp the part about chocolate.

Valerie Loveland said...

I used to swear like crazy (I worked in the video game industry) but then I realized I consider it a lazy shortcut with my writing, so I decided to try and apply the same rule to my talking. The experiment isn't going as well as I hoped it would--I usually just say the wimpier version of the curse word.

beth coyote said...

Valerie-words like shucks, darn, shoot...