Friday, June 11, 2010

I took a pitchfork and pickaxe to my yard. Ta-da! A mess o' dirt, worms and torn up sod. Now I'm gonna hire a strong young man to amend the soil and then I'll have the delicious task of visiting the local nurseries for plants.

This is how I garden. Some people have a 'plan' and they think about colors and how big plants tend to get and other silly things like that. I plant willy-nilly and therefore the red twig dogwood have to be severely reprimanded at least three times a year. I wade in and whack away. A rhododendron is completely buried by a plant with little yellow flowers (oh yeah, I can never remember what plants' names are...embarrassing during the garden show which I wasn't invited to participate in this year, thank gawd.) Anyway, I plant here and there and wait to see what happens. I've learned about ground cover and it makes me grumpy. Strawberry plant ground cover goes everywhere and those stupid shamrock things, which I hate. Well, maybe hate is too strong a word. The wisteria has tried to get into the house several times. I used to be a timid pruner, but no longer. Plants want to be BIG and tough and they're greedy, pushing whimpy plants aside or burying them. It's a plant eat plant world out there.

However, I ***love***my Styrax japonica trees. Right now they have their little bell shaped flowers all over them. When no one is looking, I kiss them right on the bark.

By the way, my naturopath is a genius. She told me to go run and see what would happen to my injured ankle. I've been such a weeny, getting all sorts of treatments and acupuncture and PT and thinking my running career was over and I was just going to turn into an old non-running fart. So I ventured out today and I ran three miles, hooray!!! And I felt so good, endorphin drunk and sweaty. I can still run. I think I will live for a few more days, after all.

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