Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm teaching a class now. Grief and Loss. It's cheery. Lighthearted. One of the students asked if we could have some fun today so I suggested that we sing first. So we did. We sang a little song first. We also laughed a little too. Then we told stories about great sadness

Oh, I met with a guy about disability insurance. He was remarkably unhelpful. Then I mentioned long term care insurance. He casually remarked that women pay twice what men do. After I stopped gasping and sputtering, he explained that women have, uh, ovaries and uteruses (duh). Oh and boobs, all cancer prone. But, I protested, men have prostates and he replied that men just die... Ok, I see, men don't go to the doc as much, they die from prostate cancer. Oh, and women live longer therefore, a longer need for long term care insurance. Can I just say, I HATE INSURANCE COMPANIES, all kinds. Even the ones that pay me for caring for moms and babies. Grrrrrrrrrr.


Valerie Loveland said...

My sister who is a nurse told me once that when they talk about risk factors, there are 3 F's that are big risk factors: over Fifty, Female and Fat. How can half the population have a risk factor?!

beth coyote said...

See what I mean? Exactly.