Sunday, January 03, 2010

I'm SO HAPPY to be home!!! I loved seeing everyone on my travels but I'm here in my own house with Lola on my lap and I even haven't gone upstairs yet. The plants didn't die, the hot tub is still running and the house is reasonably clean. A miracle.

I sat next to a guy on the train who reeked of cigarettes and had a long white, not Santa. Santa doesn't smoke.

I plugged in my ipod and read an entire book by Ivan Doig, who is a local. Four guys steal a cedar canoe from the Tlingits up in New Archangel (a fur trading port controlled by the Russians) hell and gone up north. They paddle to Willapa Bay in a canoe in open water, good Christ. This really happened. They were indentured servants who escaped. The book title, "The Sea Runners".

Open ocean in a canoe. In late winter. Shite.

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