Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tomorrow night the writers get together and I have nothing, nothing, I tell you. Instead, I am sewing pajamas for the fam. I think the last time I did piping, it looked better, neater. I have ripped out several seams. Oh, I'm using patterns I used before and there are no directions. Have you ever made the fly part on pajama bottoms without directions? See? It's tricky. Because I don't have a, um, penis, I'm having trouble imagining how big to make the slit so you can get your hand in, pull out your unit and pee without getting pee on your hand/pajamas/floor etc. I think my mother had to gird her loins (her expression) when she went into the 'boy's bathroom" to clean it. Because boys (and untrained men) pee everywhere. Yick.

I just have litter boxes. Many litter boxes.

I once tried to eliminate litter boxes because the little darlings went outside. Ha! They peed on plastic, in plants, on anything on the floor. And they will pee/poop in the garden, regardless. Next to the tomatoes. Lovely.

By the way, I'm redoubling my efforts to find a home for miss thing upstairs. She slept on my head last night. On my head.


nnygrl said...

Yup, your now have 4 cats. The heat from your head is love. Annie

beth coyote said...

Crap. I pawned off the calico on my tenant. She's definitely a sucka!!!! Peace reigns in my house. (Well, someone barfed on the stairs this AM, but that's a normal morning, right?)

Happy b'day, honey bunch.

Valerie Loveland said...

I love sewing. I'm terrible at it, but it is great when I need to have a meditative activity and don't want to think.

I have a cat I call Miss Girl, even though she has a proper name (Dinah).

beth coyote said...

Valerie-It's sad because for the first time in my life, I have a really nice sewing machine. And my sewing is, um, marginal. *sigh*