Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Today in better news on the kitty front. She's got a bit of a kidney problem but probably because she's dehydrated...and so far, that's all. The vets are keeping her for 10 days cuz of the bite issue (see below) and they said for free they'll keep her (thanks be to gawd) so they'll give her more fluids and get her to eat and she's being polite and curling up on her blanket in her kennel. Her eyes are green, very green, and you can see her beauty even tho she is starving at the moment. The vet said she could even hold her own with my devil cat Lupine even tho she doesn't have claws in the front.

They'll all be so cranky if she ends up here. Lola, Hugo and Lupine. I dare not. They outnumber me. They're here all day while I'm at work. They'll take revenge. Anyway, three cats is too many and four cats puts you into another kind of category (har, har, stupid pun). I don't want to be the four cat person who smells like, oh, litter and 'cat' and is covered with hairs all the time. No, no, no. It's bad enough now.


Valerie Loveland said...

You are nice to help her. She is gorgeous. The most cats I've had was 3 cats. I have 2 now. I always had a daydream about having a million cats, but yes, it does put you on another level of catdom, and the cats don't like it either. I have a tiny place now, and the only reason I would ever want to have a bigger place is to have more cats.

beth coyote said...

So if you had a 10 room apartment...I shudder to think. We have a bookstore here with cats in every possible place, and walkways between the rooms for the cats. If you have allergies, you'd probably die in there.