Saturday, November 14, 2009

The calico is here. Upstairs. She's skinny but eating and she greets me when I open the door to the studio where she has a heating pad bed, water, a litter box and meals. My cats go up there and stare at her.

I went to a friend's house for her birthday and walking up the stairs I stopped to heft a heavy bag and turned to look at the railing because a turkey was sitting on it. The railing. A live turkey. I said, 'Well, hello.' The turkey said nothing. She apparently came from a neighbor's house and she's dinner in a few weeks. When I left after the party, I plotted liberating her. I figured I could put her in the front seat of the car and then put her in the basement until I figured out another strategy. Like what do turkeys eat? Do I have to protect her from raccoons? Or cats? Will she be lonely? Should I get another turkey to keep her company? What is the life expectancy of a turkey? Can she be outside in the winter/rain/cold? Should I make her a little hat because she is, uh, bald?

I'm obviously losing it. I want to save all life. Now.

The turkey wasn't around when I left. I looked. I think I need professional help. Well, I have professional help but perhaps I need an intervention. Real soon.

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