Saturday, September 20, 2008

Version three:apologetica

take the orange moon across the room and mince why is it you have no feelings have they been excised along with your fur I regret the showers we took together you thought we were close after that but excuse me you have not seen anything yet excuse me for these messes I keep making in the laundry room trying to get the stains out I think they are blackberries but maybe I 'm bleeding and I just can't remember the blood was on my night dress how old fashioned with flowers and leaves but the blood was where my crotch should be perhaps I 've begun to bleed again like I did when I was twelve that would be ironic I think you call it after all this time to bleed for you in your pale skin I think you 're dead you sit there on the pale couch you don't say a thing while I eviscerate myself ok that's too strong an image all those intestines coil like snakes the blood on the floor in front of the picture of the girl in the blue dress I hear you I press my ear to the floor you haunt the cellar stairs you muffle your cries you don't know beans about sex well you won't learn it is too late to teach you where to put your hands your mouth your goddamn mouth


Maggie May said...

i was tickled with 'you don't know beans' after being laid flat with intensity. the ending is severe and awesome.

beth coyote said...


beth coyote said...
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