Sunday, September 07, 2008


I just took my second typhoid pill (one hour before meals, two hours after) and it came with a lot of warnings. *If you feel nausea, dizzyness, derangement, etc, you may be having an allergic reaction. (ha!). Drink with a whole glass of cool or lukewarm water. If you miss a pill, take as soon as you remember. Keep refrigerated. Take every other day*. Sheesh. Good for five years, well, thats a relief.

Everyone says I will get diarrhea. Great. So bring some anti-diarrheal meds. And some cipro for the respiratory infection I will get too. Plus India is hot, really really hot. But you gotta cover up because of mosquitoes and sunburn. Okey dokey. Don't drink the water, not even in the shower. If we get showers, that is. Laura said she took two bucket baths a day. Dump a bucket of water over your head twice a day to cool off. Take clothes that cover but are cool. With UV protection and insect repellent. How did anyone travel before REI, I ask you? I mean, John Muir climbing around on glaciers in wool pants and uncomfortable boots with a huge heavy box camera. Christ.

I got a catalogue yesterday for body parts. It's a fake body parts catalogue. You can get eyeballs and hearts, also budget eyeballs and giant eyeballs. You can deconstruct vaginas and testicles. And brains, my favorite. The brains run anywhere from $50 to $200. The expensive brains are sliced in pieces and fanned out, like you would arrange a cantalope for a picnic. Very pretty. There are a bunch of skeletons too. When I took Anatomy a million years ago, I got 100% on the bone exam. I would lie in bed next to my girlfriend and name all her bones. Maybe that's where I went wrong, the worst kind of objectification, "the shin bone connected to the ankle bone, etc".

I went to a wedding yesterday. It just made me feel sad. All those high expectations, all that alcohol. And a great view and some people I really love. I snuck out early because I couldn't take my bad self any longer. Sometimes I am better off being alone with my evil thoughts.


Dana said...

Brilliant posty-do-da you got here.

Valerie Loveland said...

I want that fake body parts catalogue.

beth coyote said...

thank you Dana, sorry I am missing in action, poetry-wise. I suck. I have too many feelings. I'm too sensitive, just like my mother said.

And Valerie-I want fake body parts!! Especially knees.