Monday, September 15, 2008

no, oh no. Thursday is workshop day and I have nothing to read, oh gawd. My brain is a dried up, squeezed up husk, a poor limp thing (not limpid thing, oh no, not that). It's too many babies, all at once, it's bad cats sleeping on my feet and sucking out my blood, the dog ate my homework, it's the root canal I had back in '84, it's the stolen wallet, the warm piss, the vanilla pudding.


Radish King said...

The root canal in 84.


And I'm still carrying baby fat!

Maggie May said...

when i have nothing to read i feel vulnerable. my mind can attack me.

also, my left lower jaw hurts like hell. i need to FINISH the root canal i had.

Apple said...

I just blame it all on my parents since I have so many of them. It's only fair.

beth coyote said...

they implanted a tracking device in my root canal so the brain police can find my thoughts ANY TIME. It's actually helpful.