Monday, June 09, 2008

the wind is blowing a 100 miles an hour and it is SNOWiNG in the pass, ha! Mount Baker neighborhood is all dark too, I know because I had to drive to UW again because I left my glasses there, gawd. trees down, the whole magilla. weather is awesome the way it just arrives and we have to deal with floods, tornadoes, endless rain etc. and all the ways humans have tried to navigate or control the weather like we actually could. preposterous, really. except that we warmed things up a bit and woohoo, look what happened.

I sit in a little room and talk to people all day about babies. it is a bit odd kind of job. occasionally, I go out and watch a baby come out of a woman. crazy, I tell you. babies are pretty fine, all their equipment ready to go, they just have to get bigger and they start working on that right away, looking for things to suck on, fingers, nipples, noses, whatever sticks out. they are always on the hunt for milk that tastes very sweet and lo and behold, very sweet milk comes out of their very own mother, how convenient. I am often impressed with their singleness of purpose. go, babies, go.


Apple said...

I head that when I shower it actually does bring May flowers. We just have to wait another year to test the theory.

beth coyote said...

April, o goddess of precipitation, quit already in the northwest. we are drowning here although the flowers ARE nice.

PS what type of shower head do you use? do little seeds come out?