Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today I saw the man with one leg walking around on two legs. Maybe it is a miracle and he woke up in the morning and his leg magically appeared or re-grew overnight. He usually stands by the Safeway parking lot with a sign. I saw him sleeping in a doorway and later, there he was, two legs and two shoes, one for each foot.

No one in my family is missing any body parts or digits or anything. Well, except for appendixes and wisdom teeth. We were all taught not to stare. You know, the little kids that stand and STARE at you so hard you are sure all your hair has fallen out and you didn't notice or you have magic marker all over your face or you are hideously scarred but forgot to put your mask on like phantom of the opera.

The crows were looking morose today. They were hanging out on the garage roof, just standing around. They complain a lot whenever I am in the yard, minding my own business. They must have a nest nearby. I have never seen a baby crow, come to think of it. Are they cute in their crowishness? Is their cawing more high pitched?

I watched Harold and Maude yesterday with Holly. She kept saying 'oh, g-d, I hope they don't have sex, it'll be ruined'. I couldn't bring myself to tell her...and on the eve of the suicide walk, I thought, how appropriate, numerous fake suicides and one real one, all in an hour and a half. Nice going, psyche.

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