Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tonight Rebecca fed us blueberry cobbler that was so good, I wanted to take the pan and a spoon and go sit in my car and eat the whole thing. Shamelessly.

Josh wrote a poem about fava plants and it was gorgeous, sad and wistful. I told him I am going to write a garden poem. I mean it, I am done with suicide/accident/trauma poems. Like the one I brought tonight. Kelly wasn't there and I missed her. I always miss her when she doesn't show up.

More tornadoes expected. Seattle just gets buckets of rain and glowering skies. We have been bad, very, very bad to deserve this. In Syracuse it rains this much but that is because the honkies stole salt from the Iroquois and they were pissed so they cursed the city with endless rain. Seems only fair.

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