Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tonight Bev and I went to the Korean spa where the ladies scrubbed off all out skin. They make us sit in the sauna until we were delirious and then they lead us to the curtained area where they are all dressed in black underwear. They stood by white covered tables and up you go! they began attacking us with scratchy mitts until I start thinking I might be bleeding. The result is skin that feels like a baby butt. Then we went to the salt room and lay there until we were purified and angels began appearing on the backs of my eyelids ( or maybe I was dehydrated). We staggered out into the night air at the end and believed that gas prices would go down, world peace had been achieved and we had personally lost 10# and all our bodily imperfections had been forcibly scraped off us. Now to bed and no skin cells will be lost this night.

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