Saturday, May 31, 2008

There are cats on every surface. Whenever I enter a room, they look up and inquire, "what's for dinner? is it now? why not?" I have rearranged my room so the meditation altar no longer faces the window, way too distracting. Dogs in coats, chickens in the road, neighbors in jogging/rain/baby wearing clothes. I begin a story about them and off I go, no more meditation.

I went to Ikea today and I will not go back. The layout is henious. You have to walk through every square foot in order to get out. I had to pee and I became more and more irritated while walking by SVEN and LISSOT, geegaws I surely do not need and they are manufactured in China or Micronesia or the Antarctic besides. When I started to eye any wastebasket in a dimly lit area, I knew I needed to GET OUT NOW. Argg. I have bought stuff there you are supposed to assemble at home, ha! The directions are cruely wrong and you need to use power tools and you usually put some holes (inadvertantly, of course) in your floor or table because the drill bit you chose was too long or zipped through the fiberboard of the cd holder you thought looked "cute". And you put the shelves in backward.

Today I bought a rug, no assembly required.

It is raining just enough so I don't have to garden but the plants are happy. Especially the lettuce. I planted the varigated stuff, so pretty, almost too pretty to eat. Only 2 weeks left until the garden tour. Please let something be in bloom.

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T. said...

The only reason our cats don't eat us is because we're too big.

Ikea! It's a dangerous and insidious place.