Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I cried a lot today and in front of people. I hate that. I just can't help it. I went for a run and it helped, wait that was before I cried a lot. The suicide walk people sent a long email about the walk, where, what time and so on. The closing ceremony is at 5AM. I don't think I will be inviting anyone to come on down and see me cross the finish line or whatever. Oh, I'm supposed to bring extra socks and a headlamp, such a lovely hair ornament. And a camel back water thing.

I called my friend Victoria today and told her I am not a nice person anymore. She said that was OK, she would still like me anyway. She believes there is life after suicide. She should know. She even has a house full of boys and she has a sense of humor. Her house is always full of noise and a big dog. They don't really have furniture arrangements, more like corridors for running around yelling and brandishing various implements. It is invigorating to go there, like being in a wind tunnel and your hairpiece has been sucked up the vent. You have that surprised look on your face. One of the wolverines in a purple and yellow letter jacket. Plush.

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