Monday, May 17, 2021


Just got out of the hospital. Why, you may ask? Well, remember the two week regimen of horrid antibiotics? Well, a side effect is an overgrowth of C diff, which is another nasty bug that causes a type of colitis. I'd been babying myself, probiotics, yogurt etc etc thinking I just needed to restore my poor gut flora while my gut got sicker and sicker and more painful. I'd call the clinic and I'd get an appointment for  three weeks away (!!!!) Finally after a night of fevers and horrible cramping,  I dressed and drove myself to the ER. When I got into the exam room with a doc, I just started crying. Not to be a drama queen but from pain and fatigue and relief. I was there for 8 hours, got labs, another CT, an IV etc etc. They wanted to send me to the hospital in an ambulance but I got a friend to take me.

Everything I read about C diff is pretty scary, it can return, it is contagious, it can kill ya. We're hoping for the best-it doesn't return, its just a dread memory but at least if it does come back, I know what it is!!

BTW conscious sedation is the bomb.

Jeez and we just started being able to hang out with each other. 

Raining here. I love the way the plants glow with the water they ingest.

Thankful for my many friends who helped out over the last few days. They are the best. 


My life so far said...

Every nurse hates C. diff. It's horrible and contagious but people get better. Hope you're feeling better soon and thankful you have good friends nearby.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh no! Sounds horrible! Thank goodness you got to the doctor! How are they treating the c-diff? Please be careful. As if you wouldn't be.
Love, love, love!

Linda Sue said...

I just looked up C diff- something I had never heard of until you, and am very very sorry for your pain, It is a mean one! Also quite frightening. How you were able to drive yourself to the ER is realization of your super powers!WOW- again, so sorry. I hope that you can get back to normal sooner rather than the 5months or so that google says it takes , after, of course, covering the world that you live in with bleach! The spores are hearty and determined!
Glad to know that you are on the mend, though that is a terrible experience for you to have to go through! Now we know something that we did not know before. YIKES
Stay well!

am said...

Sending loving healing energy to you. What a relief to be safe enough to cry. It takes what it takes.

Yep. Friends are the best (-:

Sabine said...

Get better, give it time. You will recover. The guts are just such a massively large playing field.
All the best to you!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry that I haven't been here in a while and didn't know about this bout of Cdif that you are suffering through. I know a bit about it because my mother had it a while back -- she has NOT had a return, so I am hoping that you recover and never see it again!