Sunday, May 30, 2021

 Dear friends-

Today I took my last vancomycin. The last one. I'm still drinking aloe vera juice and taking probiotics but no more antibiotics. Hooray! I walked all the way to Kubota Gardens with the dog and boy it was hard. I ran out of steam. I'm just hoping my strength will return. 

I pulled up all the spinach in the garden as it was bolting. Of course I ate all the leaves. I've also gotten strawberries, not so sweet because we haven't had many sunny warm days. Still it's such a treat to pick strawberries from the garden. 

I'm rewatching Glee, surely a silly campy series with singing and dancing and queerness and bullying and all. 

The elderberry is once again making oceans of tiny blossoms which will be berries for syrup. I'm ready. I have honey and spices and ginger. 

Some friends and I are getting together tomorrow in their yard. We're all vaccinated so we can hug and sit around mask-less. It's so weird to leave the house without a mask now. I know I can but I still carry a mask because I want to be in solidarity with those who are not vaccinated.

I volunteered at another vaccination site yesterday. We served folks from Ghana, Kenya, Mexico, Vietnam and Honduras. We have loads of translation services. One of the volunteers from Kenya brought a boom box with great music and I danced, of course I did. We were outside under white tents. 

It's gotten much harder to reach people. We are now dealing with hard to find folks and vaccine-hesitant people. About 50% of Washington is vaccinated. What really hurts is throwing out vaccine at the end of the day. 


Tomorrow is Memorial Day. I don't know what we celebrate on that day. My dad was in the Navy. Many many humans have died and/or fought in wars, endless wars. 

I do know that for the first time, The White House recognized Vesak:

I do love me some Joe Biden.


am said...

Good to know that you are well on your way to healing from the C.diff, able to get together with friends in the way we used to take for granted (!) and to volunteer.

Thank you for bringing that good news from the Biden White House. At first I was confused because I was only vaguely aware of Vesak until now. For some reason, my attention had only been brought to Bodhi Day on December 8. I've gone to Google for clarification, but I'm still wondering what the difference is between the two celebrations.

For me, Memorial Day is a day of mourning, remembering a loved one, remembering love, realizing that I am not alone -- that I belong to a universal fellowship of human beings who have mourned the deaths of loved ones in war throughout written history and prior to that. Each Memorial Day I become acutely aware of the enduring presence of war in our lives and the enduring presence of love and compassion. From now on, I will connect Vesak with Memorial Day. Thank you.

Ms. Moon said...

I am just so impressed with how Biden is getting so many things right. He is a good man who is aware of, and not afraid to celebrate, differences.
I'm so glad you've taken your last antibiotic! Now- healing. You are doing all the right things, including dancing.
Love you, darling.

Betsy MacWhinney said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, what a sad state of affairs. But also, you have a picture of Cherry Falls on your blog! THAT'S MY BACKYARD, sister!
I hope you feel better. xoxoxso