Friday, March 19, 2021

 Dear friends-

I'm listening to Gabriel Byrne reading his memoir, "Walking with Ghosts". Beautiful writing with an Irish brogue. 

I talked to Dena, my brother's wife a few days ago. We told each other to stay in touch. What does that mean, stay in touch?

I talked to Eden this morning. She has a new dog who has behavioral problems (ha). She noted that we talk to each other more now. And it's true. As hard as it is to change the habit of a lifetime, the pandemic has changed my ideas of self preservation and self protection. Just as my brother turned his back on all of us, I did the same thing to my younger siblings. And, I now know, to my kids too. Parting from them was so painful and in those years when they went back and forth between their father and me so unbearable, I would close up...

So here I am, a mother who regularly talks to her kids. Eden's month with me loosened up our relationship too so that connection is more solid as well. 

I'm in a writing group now so I'm writing much more. It helps to be with others who are writing. One woman knows her word count (!). I fear I don't understand the relevance of that but maybe it's a publishing thing.

Time for a spring walk with Felix. He is sitting by the back door looking out. It's his Buddha pose. 


Ms. Moon said...

I would like to listen to that book.
I'm glad you're writing. I'm glad you're in touch with your children. I know exactly what you mean about having had to learn to close off when they went to their father's. It was the only way for me, too. I would have gone crazy otherwise.

My life so far said...

I think I did that too, when my daughter moved 1000 kms away ten years ago. Thank you for making me realize that.

am said...

Yes. Time for a spring walk (-:

Thank you for mentioning Gabriel Bryne's book. I've put it on hold at our public library. I'm fond of this film and his part in it:

Sabine said...

Oh yes, I was very moved listening to his Dublin voice. Such hard memories.
If there is one thing I will walk over hot coals for it is the connection to my daughter.
If you want to listen to another absolutely mind blowing book read by an author with an Irish/American accent, I can highly recommend Apeirogon by Colum McCann: