Saturday, February 20, 2021

Dear ones,

We had 20 inches of snow last weekend and now there are a few little piles of snow here and there. We were fine, unlike Texas. Texas is truly horrifying. 

My yard last Saturday. 

I bought a new(er) car. A bigger car. A car I intend to drive to California some day. I've even allowed myself to get a wee bit excited about this idea, me tooling down the road, listening to tunes and singing along. My sister has decided to move to Florida (Mary!) so if she really does, I'll have to visit her during the dark and crappy months of cold and rainy Seattle. 


I have solar panels which did not save me from an astronomical electric bill. And the system was not communicating with a program that tells me monthly how much power the panels have generated. I changed my WIFI months ago and kept getting messages, which I ignored. That bill came today and I hit the roof, as my mother would say. I decided to reconnect the reporting system to my new WIFI and some curse words were uttered, you can be sure. I was yelling at the computer, at my phone and to the power box hanging off my house.  I had screwdrivers and a hammer, none of which I needed, by the way. I got so frustrated and all the while I was thinking, jeezuz, not so peace and love Buddhist of you, are you. 

BUT I FIGURED IT OUT. Without losing my shit completely and without a man to do it for me. 

I didn't lower my bill. I'm saving my wrath for Monday when I can call the power company and rant. 

The same thing happened with my new printer. I was bracing myself for hours of fun trying to sync up the printer to the computer and it was ridiculously easy. Easy as pie, which I wish I had right now. I have to wait for an event to make pie because I can't eat a whole pie by myself. Well I could, but I'd be ashamed of myself. Cherry pie is the best or maybe lemon meringue or blueberry. 

My birthday is on the 26th. I might have to have pie, regardless. I'll be 71, an age I never thought about before. That's officially old, right? Still not feeling it. 

All fully vaccinated, y'all. 



Ms. Moon said...

Oh hell. Make a pie in celebration of your successful efforts! You can freeze half of it if you want. Best not to freeze lemon meringue, I suppose. It will be your birthday! And at our ages, we should have whatever we want.
Good luck with the power company.
And yes, you are still very peace, love and Buddhist.
Congratulations on the new car. It would be lovely to see it pull up into my yard.
Love you, dear.

37paddington said...

Glad to hear you're fully vaccinated! I got my first dose yesterday. I'm always intrigued by how photos of the snow look like black and white shots, except for some bit of color somewhere that give it away. Your snowy yard looks storybook like.