Saturday, February 27, 2021


Yesterday was my birthday and my friend Nancy has been staying with me to give her daughter at break (daughter from Germany, both in a 1 bedroom house, a bit cramped). Anyway, so so great to eat together and hang out. And she made me an apple pie for my birthday. The secret to good crust? a pound of butter. And she added cardamom to the apples. Let me say, hells to the yes. So delicious. 

So I hiked with Judith on Tiger mountain, swam, got a massage and ate pie with my friend. Perfect, just perfect.  

Signs of spring are afoot. Crabapples are blooming by the gate. Green shoots in the woods. A bit of sun today, just enough to coax us out of the house. I may go to a birth tonight. Lordy, it's been a while. 


am said...

Kind wishes on your birthday and always. I've been watching for and listening for robins as a sign of spring and was rewarded with both experiences when I took a walk with a friend in an open area of fields by the Nooksack River in Ferndale. Robins everywhere! Singing!

Ms. Moon said...

Happy birthday, dear Beth! I'm so glad you got a pound-of-butter pie! Yes. Spring is coming everywhere and oh! Maybe a baby?
Here's to another year of your amazingness. Your beauty. Your goodness on this earth.

Sabine said...

Happy belated birthday, dear woman. Apple pie with cardamom and butter, way to go.