Friday, December 04, 2020


 Dear ones,

Kenny lives two doors down and I've mentioned him here before. When I first moved in, he announced that he was gay and was living with AIDS. Since then he's had a heart attack and so he now has a pacemaker. He has two big goofy dogs who are very well behaved. Very. Well. Behaved. Much better than Felix. Since the pandemic began, he's become my gay husband, 

For the last two days, he has decorated my house with Christmas lights. Every year when my kids were small they wanted lights on the house. I was always too tired or busy. Now my house is cheerfully lit up. I'm sitting on my meditation cushion right now looking out the window at them. Seattle gets very dark very early this time of year. Now I can be one of those houses shining in the night. Because of Kenny.

Kindness comes in all forms, doesn't it? 


Linda Sue said...

Bless his heart, Kenny is a good human. Yes you need all the light you can muster in Seattle in the winter! Yay Kenny!

am said...

Thank you for this. Yes! Many forms

Ms. Moon said...

Yes it does. And often from the least expected places.

Sabine said...

How lovely, thank you Kenny! Only three weeks to midwinter, almost there.

My life so far said...

I love this and I am thankful kindness continues to live and thrive despite everything.