Friday, December 11, 2020


Waiting for Eden to come home from a (distant) visit with a friend. We'll have waffles and pear/blueberry compote for breakfast and then back to the salt mines, er, sewing machines. Selfishly, I don't want us to ever finish because when we're done, she'll leave. :-(. My beautiful children. This visit has been so enjoyable and fun and full of laughing, podcasts, great food and conversations. How did I get so lucky? She has heard me tell my story of her birth many times but while I am working from home, she hears my conversations with clients and I continue to talk about her birth. Crazy parents having their baby in their bedroom, back in 1975. Talked the doc into coming over, his first ever home birth (!). He showed up with his little black bag. I think he put gloves on. She came so fast, he had barely arrived when she was born.  My fast furious girl with the bright mind and nervous energy. Artist, cook, goofy sense of humor, kind, self deprecating. 

I love her always.


am said...

Love hearing the story of Eden's birth which led to your calling as a midwife and the current story as you work together so well at sewing machines in connection with Eden's calling.

My father and his four siblings were born at home in Minnesota. My grandparents saved a receipt from the doctor who came to their house with his little black bag for my father's birth. My father was born on February 11, 1914. The receipt reads:

Mar. 5, 1914.
Paid in full for professional services


Ms. Moon said...

Is there anything on this earth better than having grown children with whom you can happily hang out? I don't think so.
And I can never hear a birth story too many times. I wonder how many times I've read "Spiritual Midwifery."
I love every word of this post. Kiss that gorgeous woman for me. You've done very well, Mama.

Sabine said...

Daughters are gifts. How could you ever stop telling the story of her birth!

37paddington said...

I don't think there is a greater joy than what you describe here. We are lucky mothers.