Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Thank you North Carolina for making my day!!!

In other news, here's what I think about missing my family so much and I can't travel to see them this year. All over the world there are families who are separated. Children taken from their parents at the border, refugees who are far away from safety and home, people who are lonely and sad. I could drive for a long time to California to see my kids and my grandchild but I think it's foolhardy. So I won't. And I am in solidarity with all those who miss and grieve for those they love.

People always talk about 'getting back to normal'. Respectfully, that ain't gonna happen. There is no getting back to anywhere. For a multitude of reasons. Let the rich lose their fortunes. Let the poor and dispossessed and Brown and Black come into a time where there is abundant housing and food and health care and human rights. And the cops have been supplanted by social workers and mental health workers and fucking SUPPORT for anyone who needs it. No getting back to normal for me, while the planet continues to falter and so much misery walks abroad. No thanks.

My garden exploded this year with monstrous plants and the bees are in bee heaven. There are so many, all kinds. The humming birds have taken to coming a bit closer to me as I sit on the deck eating breakfast. Sometimes they fly around my head so they can see all sides of my head/face/hair.

The weather is heating up and that means the lake will be warm enough to swim in. Y'all, this is the most anticipated event ever, at least in my tiny life. I  was swimming at least three times a week and missing it so with the pool closed down for months. We have a huge lake here and I intend to get in it ASAP. I hope my swim muscles aren't completely gone. I still remember how to float.

Just the thought of being surrounded by water, immersed in water, it's the closest I get to, um, extreme pleasure. Soon, my heart, soon.


Ms. M. said...

Yay, SC! A ray of hope in dark times.
I think I shall go to the river today.

Sabine said...

More and more I think that this time now is our chance to recalibrate our desires and hopes and expectations and what we think are our needs, the lot, to figure out what is what and what matters.

I am also due to go swimming - next week in a volcanic crater lake with freezing deep black water.

beth coyote said...

Oh Sabine-that sounds incredible.