Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Just back from the desert with these darling people

It was a tough retreat but I now have a food handler's certificate for San Bernadino, woo-hoo. Don't  ask. Joshua Tree National Park is soooo alien to my NW life. I kept touching cactus (don't, really) and pulling out thorns with tweezers for  the next few days. After the retreat was over, we repaired to a BNB that had a hot tub, a TV and big soft beds. Eden came with her massive cooking skills so we ate beautiful food. I am so grateful to these women in my life. More than I can ever say.


Ms. Moon said...

And I am sure that they are more grateful for you than you will ever know.

Tara said...

Some day I would love to go to Joshua Tree and just photograph my arse off. So this was your birthday treat, eh? Lovely. Good friends, mission accomplished, and great food. Grab that joy!