Monday, December 09, 2019

Why am I listening to the impeachment hearings? What a river of words. What badgering, talking over, buckets of sarcasm.

I saw "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" with the lovely Tom Hanks last night. Read the article the movie is taken from here

Mr. Rogers was a thoughtful, kind and loving man who helped children (and adults). What would he say about our current political squabble. Squabble, hate-filled rhetoric, grandstanding, whatever you want to call it. Mr. Rogers would have waded in to confront the sad, angry, vengeful person with love. With kindness. With brave attention. With raggety hand puppets.


How old fashioned.

This morning my tai chi teacher and I walked back to the parking lot together. She is Chinese/First Nations and she's working on archives of Chinese people/families who were deported from the Seattle area back in the day because they were 'taking jobs' (sound familiar?). She says there are transcripts in English but lots of transcripts in Chinese including handwritten stories. The Americans also have written out Chinese names phonetically so that makes the investigation challenging. Local officials did sent people back to China; sometimes a child, sometimes a whole family. She says it's slow going but mirrors current border policies today. Ug.

We meet on Monday in Kabota gardens to practice. The man who designed the garden was imprisoned during WWII because he was Japanese.

You know what. I'm going swimming and then I'm gonna walk the dog and I'm turning off the radio.



Ms. Moon said...

We think things change, don't we? We are generally wrong.
The same words get said over and over in these hearings and the Republicans have nothing except to talk about the process and blah, blah, blah.
Bless those who are seeking truth and when I say that, I mean people like your tai chi teacher. Bless her.

37paddington said...

So little has changed. If only people were as open to one another as you clearly are. You make our world better.

Tara said...

I found your blog via Talking 37th Dream. Your comment made me put my hand over my heart.

I have been able to watch/listen to short snippets of the last several days. I just can't take the talking points by the GOP. There are 1,000 kind of wrongs with what they are saying. Like you, I walk the dog! Or any number of small tasks about the house. With some recorded violin concertos or Italian Baroque.