Sunday, December 15, 2019

We saw Trevor Noah Friday night and he was splendid and so funny. I brought a hanky so I could wipe my eyes and blow my nose. From laughing. And he FILLED a stadium with people. I sacrificed my tiny Swiss army knife when I wen through the metal detector. It was worth it.

Trevor was polite, no swearing or misogyny. Just plain funny. And he warned us that Pence is scarier than Trump. Gawd.

Yesterday we saw the incomparable Dina, also a need for hankies to wipe eyes and blow noses.

Judith and I will do the sing-along Messiah after I get back from SF and Maya's birthday.

I actually put tiny lights on my wreath on my gate. They've all burned out, guess they're not made for rain.

Another year almost at an end. Time to watch the 1957 version of A Christmas Carol with the incomparable Alistair Sim. Misanthrope becomes Boddhisatva, ta-da!!


Ms. Moon said...

I read Trevor Noah's book. He's quite remarkable and has a remarkable story, too.

37paddington said...

I do love Trevor Noah. And I agree about Pence. Sneaky bastard.

Tara said...

oh my god, that video is hilarious!! Don't know the character - I'll be looking her up on Youtube pronto! Aint the cross pollination of the blogosphere wonderful? I've had your site on my blogroll for awhile but have neglected to stop on in. Shame on me, I've missed so much!