Thursday, October 10, 2019

Waiting on a momma who called with ruptured membranes this morning. Waiting for the window cleaner person to arrive. What to do with the dog? Don't have an answer for that one right now. Felix is a shaggy, dirty mess and he has a date with the groomer tomorrow. Thank the lawd.

Amy is the name of the window person. She has been here once before and I will do better this time. She ( I think she prefers the pronoun she) arrived in a house dress (is that even a thing anymore?), a scarf on her head and a deep voice. Uh, I was not skillful, called her 'sir' a few times. Nope, don't think she is a sir but maybe she/he is a cross dresser and not trans but how to ask????

My friend Micha would just encourage me to ask her. Micha is a trans woman, or as she says, 'I'm just a WOMAN.' She is now happily in a lesbian relationship with someone who matches her in wisdom, smarts and wonderfulness. Did I say she's a professor at UCSC with a double PhD in gaming, virtual reality and computer programming? And she's an artist with an international following. She's wicked smart. And I love her. She has introduced me as her mother, so there's that. I'm so proud.

In spite of the hatred we don't have to sink down.

I am enjoying the impeachment brouhaha much more than is seemly. Arrests! Nonsensical pronouncements from the VP! Giuliani! etc.

The cold has arrived. And I have solar panels which will provide free heat, yay!!! Maybe this winter I won't be huddled up in a blanket in front of the fireplace with the cat around my neck.

Happy to be going to a birth. Haven't been to a birth for many months... It's like riding a bike. You never forget how. And this momma was at her friend's birth a few years ago. I was the midwife so she remembered me  and came into care with us. May the circle be unbroken..


Ms. Moon said...

I think it is perfectly proper and correct to ask someone which pronoun they prefer. It is to the point and avoids unnecessary angst.
I hope the birth is easy and lovely for all concerned!
I do miss that energy. But not the waiting so much although that is a huge part of it, isn't it?

am said...

O yes! "May the circle be unbroken ..."

Sabine said...

Apart from Felix needing a wash, I love all this good news. May the new baby arrive safe and sound and may all the wonderful people in your place make it so.

My life so far said...

I had a patient who could not stop laughing when talked about Trump yesterday, so at least he's doing some good, providing comic relief for cancer patients:)

37paddington said...

I hope the birth was easy and good. I admit I had the same idea, to ask, and the same question, HOW to ask, what words to use? Would "What are your preferred pronouns?" do it?