Monday, October 28, 2019

The apocalypse

Maya in San Rafael texted that they're in the dark. She's got cat carriers, water, flashlights, extra clothes, food and a  small generator in her car. School is closed. She can't go to work because the doors are opened by a combination lock. They can light their stove but all the gas pumps are dark.

Eden in LA is ok. Haven't heard from my brother.

And here in the NW it looks like this:

Got nothing to say about  current events. Oil has contributed to global warming which causes the droughts and crazy weather patterns and hence fires and destruction. 

This child spoke truth to power.

My friend Micha figured out how much fossil fuel it took to fly her to Greece and back. She was appalled. She wants to make art that doesn't include electronics because of components made with harmful chemicals and minerals. I suggested rocks and fallen trees and leaves. Stonehenge has lasted for a while and doesn't pollute, as far as I know. 

California is burning and al Baghdadi is dead

My daughter empties her fridge
no power in San Rafael
no school tomorrow
no work because the door combination is hard wired
gas pumps are dark

she has a plan
two cat carriers
a generator
a flashlight
the freeway is nearby

a man I know
taught to track and kill a deer
by his uncle on the rez
took his first when he was 14
still a boy

when he got back to the house
he danced and laughed
proud of himself
his uncle slapped him

never rejoice when you take a life
the deer offered herself to you
so you might have food for the winter

today while men in a room watched
hundreds of miles from the tunnel filled with
dogs and soldiers
a man took his life and the lives of three children

our president described in great detail
'crying, screaming, cowardly'
'body parts identified by DNA'
'great' 'very bad' ' hatred'

where is uncle to slap him
teach him to take life, any life
is not honorable
no matter how necessary it may seem

we are all capable of murder
in our hearts
this will not stop ill will
this will not stop the illness of greed

my daughter lights candles
in her living room
her son is a few blocks away with his girlfriend
if they need to leave
they are ready

as she texted me-
“We're here in the dark,
waiting for the apocalypse.”


Ms. Moon said...

It is very, very hard right now to keep hope alive. May all of your loved ones and beloved ones and everyone be safe.
I have no words for the disgusting depths to which that pretender president has sunk into beneath the foulest swamp of all.

Lisa said...

I'm sorry. My son fought in Iraq. He said that every life taken took a bit of his soul with it. I thought of that while our president was crowing over a victory he watched while sitting safely in a luxurious room with clean hands. Can he really claim that his hands are clean. Too bad someone didn't slap him.

am said...

May all our relations in California act as uncles and teach us how to go forward in community and honor life under the most dire of circumstances.

Linda Sue said...

our kids, who will likely adapt reasonably well given what they must try to live with and through, unlike we , who have had our earth fling-are made of tougher stuff. There is no illusion that living on earth will be easier or any different that other times in earth's history when she shakes of entire systems to begin again. Of all species, homosapiens tend to take it personally, having invented a protective god and all. Anyway, here we are, and there we go- I advise my kids to get out into the mountains and streams- take advantage of the beauty of earth while they can. We, who have always thought in terms of "future", saving money, planning a holiday, getting a degree, a career, a family, planning for old age...there is no longer a future- adapting to that which goes against our "plan" will be a challenge. ZEN to you, - go hug a tree , for real!

beth coyote said...

'earth fling'-I like that.

37paddington said...

Thank you for that fine poem, for the boy's uncle on the rez who honors life.

Sabine said...

Thank you for all if this Beth.
This has been going on for 30 years. All who could read and listen could have made a change 20 years ago.
Instead now we all panic and give in.
Filling our hearts and minds with sorrow and pain and pity.
We are better than that. We must be.