Sunday, September 01, 2019

Dears-I'm back. I drove straight through, a 12 hour drive. I had thought I'd stop somewhere overnight, take a SHOWER and collapse into bed but I thought about MY bed and hot tub and pushed on.

It was amazing. It was hotter than hell. It was dusty as hell, with the wind whipping the dust into white-outs. The art was spectacular. The nakedness was, well, naked. I saw more dicks than I cared to see. Well, I do like the ladies better anyway. And I saw a lot of naked ladies too. Oh and public sex, or so I'm told.

I saw steam punk, hippy, random clothing. I rode a very heavy bicycle covered with fairy lights. Traveling around at night was magical-music, art cars, neon lights on the art, fire dancers, acrobats, etc etc. Too much to explain. Really. I didn't take many pictures but here's a sample:
That last photo is made entirely of cans, lids and plastic bottles. It clanked when the wind blew. Awesome.

I left before the man burned. I was done. I was filthy and sweaty and cranky. There was an ocean of alcohol and drugs which I did not partake of. I thought about it for a hot minute bu decided to eat well and go to bed at 10. Which I did every night. I got up early, made tea and went to the dance tent and danced my ass off. I drank lots of water.

Already I'm planning for next year (why, you ask). Because I learned many things about being comfortable. My kid had a magnificent set-up, tent with 'rooms', a real bed, a wooden floor, a dresser!!, multiple baskets for stuff, a real kitchen, a chaise lounge with a big sheepskin... I could go on and on. And shade. Big shade. We hung out. We made friends with our neighbors. I gave away blackberry jam. Some folks are minimalists. But I need some comforts. Even a bucket bath would have been heaven.

And by the way. Can we talk hair? When you don't wash your hair for 5 days, it turns into a type of helmet glued together with playa dust and sweat and occasional food. I couldn't get my fingers through it. It was special. I now understand why folks get their hair braided and they just leave it.

So I'm back and missing burning man. I don't even know why. It's so extreme and weird and wonderful.

I'll post more pictures when my kid gets home and send me some.

BTW. I went to the car wash today with my filthy dust and dead bug covered car and when I drove in, the guy said, 'what the fuck!' then he said he'd get their specialist. I laughed so hard I cried.
Here's the dash. It's usually black...


am said...

Thank you for bearing witness, for writing about your experience at Burning Man, for the photos.

What comes to mind is Further Adventures Of Woodstock and The Merry Pranksters "Further" bus and something deeply unsettling and disturbing that I need time to process. As an introvert with easily triggered reactions related to past trauma in a similar context, I can only watch from a great distance, grateful to have come as far as I have in healing and to have a voice. I wonder how many babies have been conceived at Burning Man through the years. I know of a woman who became pregnant at Woodstock and gave up her baby at birth.

Your Honda dashboard is oddly comforting. It looks exactly like mine, minus the dust.

Ms. Moon said...

You did it! And you loved it.
I am just humbled to my soles. And soul.

Linda Sue said...

So glad you have returned , whole and experienced! Been keeping up with the news of BM online, read about the poisoned lad, watch the web cam, but your post makes it REAL! The dust must be really harmful to lungs- the art is amazing no doubt- BM is not in my future this go around so I appreciate your adventure even more! Could do without wagging penis's, but you are correct women's bodies are much more pleasing. More ART!

Sabine said...

Wild! Never in my healthiest life would I have made it there and back and I've done stuff.
Very happy for you.

Elizabeth said...

I love it! Especially because I have no need to experience it but can through you! Your hair description was awesome.