Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Today I  leave for Burning Man. I have an alarming amount of stuff piled up in my living room and it's all supposed to fit into my wee car plus a passenger with her meager (she tells me) belongings. Plus tying the bike to the new bike rack. Plus a 13+ hour drive to the effing desert where it will be a) very hot b) dry and dusty and c) inhospitable to most all life. Plus Felix decided to get diarrhea yesterday twice, poor guy, so I made him a giant container of rice and ground chicken which he LOVES, to take to Randy's house.

My animals know when I'm going on a trip. Felix gets morose and wants to be near me. Lola disappears. They always get good care while I'm away. Otherwise I couldn't feel released.

The garden is watered. The house swept and dusted, a thankless task. My Burning Man hat is complete with twinkly lights.

Anxiety is better. I asked a friend why I've been feeling so anxious about this trip-I prevaricated about everything; the long drive, my stranger passenger, the heat, food, stuff to bring, finding my daughter among 70,000 dusty participants, getting there after dark, etc, etc. He said, "Cuz you're old."


He said we get more anxious as we age. Is that true? I certainly don't trust my knees like I used to. I worry about money (well, that's not new). 

I'm leaving my computer at home. My phone will probably die while I'm there because there is no way to recharge it. Besides signals are spotty on the playa. I hope to get some photos. I will be able to charge it up on the ride home. 

For now, I'm gonna meditate, have some breakfast and continue to contemplate the tight packing situation. Then off I go to Portland to pick up Lisa, my passenger, who will help with gas and driving. And we're stopping about half-way there to spend the night at the Shady Inn Motel-no not the Bates Motel!, a cheap-o place just off I-5. Then on until morning....

Burning Man, here we come.


Ms. Moon said...

Anxiety does get worse with age, doesn't it? We're old enough to know a lot more about all the things that can go wrong. But you're going! I am so proud of you. I hope that Burning Man is ready for you, dear Beth. I know that you are ready for it. I can't wait to hear about it. Be safe. But with great courage!

Lisa said...

The country is beautiful. It is worth the trip if only to see it. You will have a wonderful time once you are on the road and maybe you will end up with a good friend to boot. Enjoy yourself.

Linda Sue said...

Excellent , you are my hero! My son just sent me a photo of a dead preying mantis , in his playa covered dusted hand, he said the art is amazing, the folks are fine and friendly and you can not help but have a fantastic time! YAY you! Can't wait to hear about it.

Sabine said...

Have an amazing time! Can't wait to hear all about it soon.

Elizabeth said...

Have fun!