Monday, December 10, 2018

Got light, got dark, got light again

We of the NW climes will be sitting in our homes and the hand of de lawd will darken the skies in the middle of the day and it may feel like the end is nigh. Then the rain comes, then the sun may or may not come out again. Then after all that excitement, it's four PM and dark for real because we are ALL THE WAY UP HERE in the northern latitudes when darkness is a serious thing.

I read a book review in the NYT today about a girl raised as an evangelical (she got out). She declared that those folks are expecting the END and they're ready with canned soup and bottled water. I don't think that's gonna do the trick.

This is the famous 'poodle stare'. Felix sits and bores thoughts into my frequency. I think the message is something like, "why are we inside look at it we could be out there chasing squirrels, tennis balls, other dogs huh we are missing all the fun being inside with the damn cat etc.'

I am a disappointment to my dog, I can tell you,


Ms. Moon said...

You could never be a disappointment to anyone, Beth Coyote!
Canned soup and bottled water can only put off the inevitable for a short amount of time. If it truly comes to that, I would like to just GET GONE!

My life so far said...

I'm a terrible disappointment to my dog as well. She wants a walk, we had freezing rain today so everything is covered with a layer of ice, her back is sore and my foot is sore. Not gonna happen.

Linda Sue said...

this winter weather...makes me glad that I do not have to walk my dog anymore, three times a day...I miss him but I do not miss that!

beth coyote said...

Thanks ladies. Unless I'm flat on my back, we go out EVERY DAMN DAY. Felix is impervious to any kind of weather. Snow mystifies him so he tries to eat it. I think it's his version of laughing.