Thursday, December 27, 2018

Dears-up in the mountains on retreat but this time cooking with Jessica. Whew, hard work. Getting here was a major ordeal but after surviving SFO the day after Xmas, I feel pretty invincible. It was jammed with travelers of all kinds all pushing and shoving. I breezed though security because no one was paying any attention. Those poor workers were not getting paychecks anyway.

There was one woman who was directing traffic and she was so cheerful and friendly. In a sea of misery, she shone like a light house.

I lugged a quan yin and a heavy bell to the retreat center. And they stay here. (hooray!) I don't have to break myself getting them back to Seattle.

This coming year I'm gonna get a physical, a nutritional assessment for old people and think about a knee replacement (ug). That one I'll have to schedule and figure out who can help me for a few days afterwards.

But what about old people and food? Supplements? I've got some problems with dairy now :-( and i've pretty much gone vegan again but I wonder about protein.

Jeez this is a boring post.

One thing about Uber. I missed the airporter in San Rafael ( a very nice bus that costs $20 and gets you to the airport in an hour. I got up at 5:15, hustled to the station and effing missed the bus. I called Uber and waited...and waited and finally canceled. And if you don't cancel within 5 minutes they charge you ($71!!).. Then I called for a regular cab and that puppy was over $100 !!!! Grrrrr.


It was worth it because my driver was nuts. He asked it I could see the chemtrails and when I said I could, he launched into a 'theory' of GO engineers (?) who are manipulating the weather by putting something in jet fuel that then creates the chem trails. Wow. I actually tried to talk to him reasonably, obviously a mistake because he claims that scientists are getting rich (?) on the whole global warming situation. Which isn't real, according to him. We're getting colder based on sun activity (????) So ok, I eventually stopped talking and mentioned that the chemtrails were getting pretty as the sun rose. Damn.

Then I called my ex who is a shrink and he mentioned some guy who is claiming all this stuff and it's all on the internet.

BTW, contrails (not chemtrails) are formed when water on the wings of planes enter the atmosphere after freezing on the wings...

But wow.

He did get me to the airport on time. So there's that.


Sabine said...

I would love to meet someone who believes in a happy conspiracy theory, something with fairies and wishes coming true etc. Not that doomsday crap.

Good luck with the health check ups and - eventually - the knee!

beth coyote said...