Monday, October 22, 2018

Today there was this:

and this:

Lake Annette with Felix and Holly. Beautiful October day. We talked about everything so all is solved. Don't worry everybody. All will be well. We have a plan which involves casting spells and burning sage. 

Tomorrow I go see 
Ha! With Hannah Gadspy!

Perks of living in the city, y'all. 

BTW we hiked over 9 miles, 21,953 steps and 71 "floors". I still have it. Amazing.


Elizabeth said...

So wonderful! And thank you for "getting it all." I am relieved and will sleep well.

Ms. Moon said...

Thank you and Holly! I feel better about the world now.
And whoa- you certainly DO still have it!

am said...

Good to savor these beautiful October days and be so alive, making plans.