Saturday, October 20, 2018

A Star is Born----------

My friend and I went to see this movie after the Kavanaugh hearings. We were looking for an escape and the buzz was, well, buzzy. Oscar nominations, best actress, Cooper directed and starred, etc.

Cringy is more like it. Creepy, horrid, depressing, ug.

From the first scene, we see our 'hero' amble off stage, get in his limo and hit the bottle. Ok, he's got stringy hair, a red (alcoholic) face and I'm sure he smells really good. In that alcoholic, sleeping in your clothes, can't remember when you last brushed your teeth, sweetish gin smell the day after kinda way. EEWWW.

He lands in a drag bar where our heroine takes to the stage as the one cis gender straight woman in the place and does a Ma Vie En Rose, alerting Cooper to a nascent budding star.

And they fall in love.

That's where I got lost. Falling in love with an end stage alcoholic isn't falling in love. It's a lot of other things but love?? He's checked out, people!! He can't walk straight or think straight. We never see him vomit but he stumbles, pees himself and can't make it through the day without being hammered.

And then **spoiler alert**he kills himself. Well, he was doing a pretty good job of it with alcohol and drugs (oh yeah, he's popping pills and crushing them up to snort, even getting a bloody nose, very attractive). But no, he also hangs himself.

His blue eyes stay clear and his liver doesn't quit on him so he could turn yellow. So there's that.

But calling this a love story is so far off the mark.

Gaga was great. The woman can act. And I usually loves me some Bradley.

But yuck. And don't get me started on the 'great man' promoting the little lady and then BLAM, stardom. Cuz women can't make in on their own merit, right? At least nobody grabbed her ass.

Ok, that's my rant. Don't see the movie or if you do, be warned. And let me know what you think.


Ms. Moon said...

Well, damn. That sounds like a big old bowl of fun.
Thanks for the warning. I wanted to see Gaga act but maybe not in this.

Hope said...

Thanks for the warning. I think I'll skip that little slide into misery.

37paddington said...

Well, I was going to give it a go because of all the buzz, and because of Bradley and Gaga, but you just ran down every single thing I hated about the Barbara Striesand-Kris Kristofferson version so maybe I'll pass.