Sunday, September 30, 2018

September 30, 2018

Susan Nguyen
after Jennifer Weiner
Look, America, I have tasted you
before and you taste like beer.
Pabst. Natty Boh. Schlitz.
In a can and warm.
You taste like lemonade powder in vodka,
fire hydrant water collecting in sewers.
America, the beautiful:
don’t you look impossible tonight?
A two-headed coin. You told me
I’m sexy, I’m beautiful, I’m wanted, unwanted, not a 10
but here we are in your bedroom
and I’m a secret. I’m impossible.
Do you know how to be sorry?
I’m a snack, you said, and guess who’s hungry.
America, where are your hands?
You should know: I remember
You pulled back my elbows
and asked how could anyone
be sure of my face in the dark?
America, you duct taped
my hands to a 40 and said drink
You duct taped my hands to two 40s and took my phone away
You duct taped my two hands and said do something
America, how could you
I want to burn all the frat houses all the America all the ground
I want to America the frat house burning
America, run
America, here is where the burning body turns into ground
America, you could
America, show me


37paddington said...


Linda Sue said...

YES, this!!! the nausea has not subsided though the tears have turned into a valiant roar of smash the Patriarchy- begin with Father, Son and holy ghost- religion contrived by men for men- controlling the masses of the women folk for centuries too long.

am said...

This is all so painful. Change is happening right now.

Ms. Moon said...

The rage is palpable. My daughter said that today. She is right.
A customer at her work the other day told her to smile. She said, "You listen to me. Don't you EVER tell a woman to smile. Ever. One day soon if a man tells a woman to smile she is going to punch him. So don't do it."
And I bet he won't.