Tuesday, September 11, 2018

This is Eden, my glamorous daughter on her way to the Emmys! She and a friend worked on Anthony Bourdain's crew so they were invited. I am, of course, her proud momma. Besides, she's gorgeous.

It rained, thank the lawd. i go out on retreat again in a week. To Big Bear, a few hours outside of LA. Guess it's in the mountains and forests. I'll be gone a week.

I think my sleep is caught up. At my sort of age, sleep is a beautiful and illusive idea. Some nights I lie awake. Other nights I sleep for 10 hours. Random.


Ms. Moon said...

Wow! Your daughter IS gorgeous and she worked on Anthony Bourdain's crew? Amazing?
I bet you ARE a proud momma.
Enjoy your retreat. I will be sleeping...

37paddington said...

Your daughter is lovely, and her smile radiant. She takes after her mama.

Sabine said...

Gorgeous Eden!

That whole ageing business is worse than puberty, I swear.