Monday, June 11, 2018

Why are my bras too tight?

I have been assiduously counting calories and exercising to no avail.

I hate bras anyway but for the sake of decency, I have to suit up to go out in public.

I have a new tattoo so no swimming for two weeks.

Seattle weather is currently like a 15 year old, emotionally labile with sever mood swings and temperature highs and lows and occasional rain. Global warming is no joke, y'all.

Reading World as Lover, World as Self by Joanna Macy. Depressing and inspiring in equal measure.

Heard Michael Pollen last night speak about his new book/research on psychedelics and new science to treat depression/addiction/anxiety. Very interesting. Very interesting indeed.


Elizabeth said...

Some days my bras feel too tight, too, or I take them off at night and there are literal ridges below my breasts. We've been fighting ant invasions in our house lately, and my older son Henry yelled out, "Who thought ants were a good idea?" I have the same question about bras.

Ms. Moon said...

Believe it or not- I dreamed about too-tight bras last night.
And yes, it was a nightmare.

Sabine said...

The bras shrunk in the wash. Obviously. Happens all the time. Don't let a bra get you down.

beth coyote said...

You all made me laugh. Ants, nightmares and shrunken bras, obviously.

Bless all of you.

37paddington said...

Bras. Bah humbug.. My solution is to not get dressed until other humans threaten to appear. Then, the swinging ends and decency prevails. I think Sabine is right.