Wednesday, June 13, 2018

In these dangerous times, I have the most excellent news.

I bought a pair of overalls, yes, denim overalls. I wore them all day today. I think I might wear them every day for the rest of my life. I can spruce them up with jewelry for the many galas I attend, dress down with flip flops and gardening gloves, the possibilities are endless. I thought of you, Mary.

It started with a woman I met in the park where I often run my dog. Her overalls had dirty knees, a look I know well. I asked her where she got her fabulous outfit and she said 'the Gap'. So you know I went home and hit the computer and there they were, Gap overalls.

O joy, O rapture.

If I'm going to weigh, um, what I weigh and have to wear a damn bra, then I'm wearing overalls. All the time.

My olden days overalls had a rainbow embroidered on the front pocket. I just might put one on these overalls.

And I painted my new mailbox:

And got a new tattoo:
And I'm getting another one tomorrow.

Fuck it.

I'm working on my book and I've set up the ginormous canvas in my studio that has been languishing for way too long. Every day I will spend time in artistic reverie and meditation and life giving pursuits.

Take that, bad news.

Yes, we are in a catastrophe of catastrophic proportions. But even the Buddha enjoyed himself. If I'm still catching babies and being a part of that whole amazing process, I might as well sleep on the couch sometimes and stay in my pajamas until 2 PM. (at least the bra situation is handled when wearing pjs.)

And one more thing. I spent 2 HOURS going exactly nowhere this afternoon. I needed to visit two newborns north of my home and before you could say 'Jack Robinson', I was stuck in the most gawdawful traffic jam. When I turned around, I got stuck going that way too. It was so stupid. I am pretty patient but I eventually called the mommas and said, 'uh, see you tomorrow'. Apparently having Amazon headquarters in our town has fucked the traffic to kingdom come. And the Mariners game. And some random highway closure.

I despair of a solution to this mess. My house is peaceful with bird feeders and a view of the lake and mountains so...I'll just stay here.

Finally-my guilty secret. Outlanders!!!! I haven't read the books. I bet they're kinda terrible bodice-ripper things. But the series on HBO, hooboy. My daughter got me hooked. Filmed in Scotland (gorgeous) with a hunk of burning love interest (no doubt real Scots men did NOT look like him 200 years ago!) but it's part historical fiction, science fiction, soft porn, oh I could go on...and I'm a lesbian!! Who cares, hot sex is hot sex, right? Yes, it's trash and I'm sick of the theme song but I wait breathlessly for the next installment.

So there you have it. Not a political moment in this here post.

Love and kisses,



Sabine said...

Overalls, yes!

I remember the days when I would literally sack my toddler into her overalls, lifting her up by the shoulder straps and bouncing her until she had settled into them - diapers and all, very satisfying feeling for both of us.

Ms. Moon said...

Sometimes taking care of ourselves is the most politically outrageous thing we can do.
They are everything.
I listened to all of the Outlander books. Audio, you know. They are horrible.
Again I repeat- I listened to ALL of them.
I love your tattoo.
I love you.

am said...

Yep (-:

Finding balance in these times is the key. Dynamic balance, with wonder and awe and humor.

37paddington said...

Oh Beth, what a fantastic newsy post! I love everything in it! The overalls with dirty knees that so inspired you, the resolve to return to painting—what a fine artist you are, love that mailbox!—the new tats, the view of the lake and the mountains, the reminder that Buddha did not fail to find joy in the everyday. You and this post are my joy inspiration today!

Elizabeth said...

Maybe I should get some overalls, too.

And Outlanders? You've sold me. I'm looking it up now.

beth coyote said...

Sabine-me too! And then both of my daughters rejected overalls for pink dresses and shiny shoes. Sheesh.

Mary-I'm sure they totally suck BUT I'm watching them and Jamie is so yummy! As I am a, ahem, single old lady, I'm not always going for the highfalutin'. I mean, they spent almost a whole episode undressing each other. Ghaaaaaaa!!!!! I know, trash. But I gotta indulge in carnal lust sometimes...

am and 37P XXXOOOO

Elizabeth-we can talk. Once you're into the should see the texts I'm sending to my daughter. They look something like, "ew, they cut off his head!" (oh mom) "ok, so now they're fucking again!!!" (mom, it's what they do best) "Jack Randle is the devil and why is he still alive??!!" (yes, mom, he's the worst). You get the picture.