Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The air smells so good with blooms everywhere. I hung out with Gladys, an 89 year old, at my pool. We were in the hot tub of course. We talked flowers.

My house is a mess o' boxes, really scary. I put something down (watch, night guard, checkbook, wallet, keys and then spend time wandering around stubbing my toe on box edges trying to find the lost item. I really am a creature of habit. Rosemary came over and talked me through what to bring, what to leave, what to send to the dump, what to take to Goodwill.

Randall is outside painting. There was a bumblebee in here, staggering around and banging into windows. I love bumblebees. They are so fat and beautiful.

I will miss my garden. I can't post any pictures, don't want to. The trillium are all in their glory. I will be sure to plant more at my new place. The lilacs are budding out and the tulips are about to open.

I'm almost done paying for last year's paint job :-/ while I blithely hire movers, gardeners, cleaners, painters, electricians etc. And I will pay them. With all my $$. Ha!

I found an electrician who is a firefighter and works as an electrician on the side. Apparently cops and firefighters do this for extra cash. She was efficient and sweet. She's agreed to rewire the new (old) house when I get moved in there.

Meanwhile Lola now has the cold Hugo had. I took him to the vet and he got a shot and some chewy lysine.

Sigh. This is my current life. Then my future husband Jim and I will tear apart the new house and build a better kitchen and sun room/bedroom so I can see the mountains. There is a remodel in my future. It will be grand. At least the sewer problem is fixed and it is a wondrous thing,


Ms. Moon said...

Woman, you are a lightening bolt!
Take plants with you. You probably already plan that. From chaos will come tranquility. I know it.

Elizabeth said...

To sit in a hot tub with a wise old woman and talk about flowers sounds like paradise.

beth coyote said...

Ah, tranquility. I'm not there yet.

And Elizabeth-right you are.