Thursday, April 24, 2014

When you move, you find old photos

Dear Everyone in my wee universe-

I moved. And promptly got sick. Of course. And the internet guys are butt heads but my lovely and cheerful neighbor lady is letting me use her WiFi, thanks be to the baby jesus and all his angles, as Dina Martina would say.

So I've been living in piles of boxes, whining katz and wads of kleenex. And no computer. Which, when you own a small business with payroll coming up, is a disaster.

And ( never start a sentence with 'and') I woke this morning to the most gawd-awful noise, like a helicopter landed in my back yard. The bottles in the bathroom were rattling. I walked around in my bathrobe, trying to figure out if it was inside or outside. Lo, and an angel of de 'lawd appeared and said, look no further than your sump pump. Having never lived with a, er, sump pump before, I was horrified, but there you have it. It apparently rained gallons last night and there must be a stream under the house so, sump pump action. I'm investigating a noiseless one, dear gawd.

Plus, I tried the bathtub last night, a hot bath for the illness, right? It was tepid. I took my book and my tea and feh! Terrible. So Jim, muy future husband, came over and turned up the dial because I couldn't figure it out. Before you chastise be for not doing it myself-I was feverish and it's a gas powered hot water heater with big red warning signs all over it reminding me I could probably blow myself into the next world if I wasn't careful and didn't do it the RIGHT WAY. KERBLAM!

Jim handily unscrewed a few screws and cranked up the heat. So wish me luck with an actual hot bath.

Rebecca the wonderful has sent two  postcards to my new address :-). Thank you dearest one. Just what I needed.

Does anyone know how to eradicate the smell from those damn air freshener plug-ins? I took out four of them. Ewwwww. I mean, did the last family really smell that bad?? I'm burning incense and opening all the windows.

Now I'm going to the store to buy laundry detergent. I know I have some, somewhere.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh my god. The perils and frustrations of moving on top of being sick?
Woman. You have all of my sympathy.
No idea what to do about the artificial scents. Cook bacon and bake bread? You don't cook bacon, do you? Well, bread and cinnamon cookies.
Get well. I love you. Things will all unfold as they should. (That's what people tell me and I want to slap them. Sorry.)

Mel said...

Not fair to get sick when you move. Not fair at all. Hope you mend quick and the internet butt heads get you back on line pronto.
Ms. Moon is right, baking helps. If you don't have time to bake, put a drop of vanilla on some lightbulbs then turn them on, instant baking smells. I read that somewhere. Just don't put the vanilla on a hot bulb.
Good luck settling in and yes, look into a new sump pump, they aren't supposed to make that kind of noise :)

Sabine said...

All the best for this new adventure. Getting to know a new home is like having a new family, right? Possibly not but still.

Those air fresheners are a nuisance. Went through something similar when we moved. In the end I washed all surfaces with lemon scented detergent - yes all, took me all day listening to the radio while I washed and scrubbed. It was Lady Di's funeral live on air.
But maybe the stink would have faded anyway. I guess I just didn't want to wait.

But first, get well!

Jo said...

Try baking soda and lemons in dishes around the place. Failing that, maybe onions! Those air fresheners are so awful. Not to mention toxic. People are so stupid.

There is nothing worse than a disappointing bath. My plumbing sucks, it happens to me all too often. Congrats on being moved in, I hope the teething problems resolve fast.

N2 said...

Maybe the new house could use a proper smudging with white sage? And/or put a pan of apple juice with cinnamon stick, cloves and cardamon on the stove to simmer for a couple of hours. Or, to help both your cold and the house smell, get some fresh rosemary, put in a pan of water and simmer on the stove. Will help your nose and change the air in the house.

Feel better fast. x0 N2