Friday, December 07, 2012

Thrown back into work after my wee hiatus in California where I lay about, eating bonbons in my fluffy mules.

The grand finale this week was a birth I attended with my practice partner that ended in a hospital transfer. All is well but, holy mother of the baby Jesus, what an exciting and hair-raising birth. I tell you. Birth is not for the squeamish. Or faint of heart. I finished Call The Midwife this morning after sleeping for 14 hours and it does me good, o yes it does, to read a book about real midwives going about their crazy-ass lives just as we do 60 years later. I can't give you details, dear blogsters, but we witnessed a complication that rarely happens.

Sheesh. I think the birth guardians are making sure I see EVERYTHING before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

Tonight Deb and I traveled down to Renton, the equivalent of crossing the border into Canada. We heard about a veg restaurant called Blossom where the head chef is a Buddhist nun so what the hell. Vietnamese food, mostly average except for a 'pumpkin soup' that was divine. Chunks of sweet winter squash, lotus seeds and tofu. When was the last time you ate lotus seeds?

The best parts were the giant Quan Yin statues; one by the door and one that looked over our table. She held a willow branch, said to bestow healing and a vase containing the waters of compassion.

In Renton.

The chickens are so filthy. They run about in the rain and mud. They do not care about personal hygiene apparently. And they have (or their coop has) attracted rats. Ug. Very healthy and plump rats. Deb bought a trap that supposedly zaps them. We'll see. Between the apples, the grapes and now chicken feed, we have a veritable paradise of rat heaven-ness. Great. O, and dog shit. They love dog shit too.

Rats are gross.  Johan, the rat man, got rid of the resident rats that were living in my bouse when I bought it. I may have to invite him back. And I quote, 'No rat dies a good death.'

My glasses are now fixed. They were under warranty, who knew, so they were fixed for free. Plus, she made new lenses for the antique round silver frames I bought at Goodwill. Ha! so now I have two new pairs of glasses. I did, um, fall down while in California and really busted my all purpose heavily scratched standby glasses so I feel abundant in eyewear at the moment. This is, I'm sure, a fleeting experience. If I could not wear glasses anymore, I'd be so pleased. That development has yet to happen.

Tomorrow I plan to be indolent. Or else I'll take the pup to the mountains where we will hike in massive amounts of mud and rain and the wet December forest. Glory.


Ms. Moon said...

I am, of course, so curious about what rare complication you came across. I am SO glad that all worked out. As you and I both know, the best midwives are the most aware ones who don't get all chewy when it comes time to transfer. That's what the medical establishment is there for- the sticky wickets. I have worked with midwives who would do anything (RISK anything) to prevent transfers and I hated that.
Anyway, blah, blah, blah. I have to get that book.
Chickens don't care about personal hygiene although they do wipe their beaks when they eat which I find charming. I need to clean out my hen house today. Poop everywhere.
And such is life.
Have a beautiful day, beautiful woman.

Radish King said...

Oh it is cold this morning my darling good girl. An abundance of glasses is such a very good thing. What then? What if we lost them all??? I would be blind. Welcome home. I love the description of the Renton dinner. It reminds me of finding that monastery out of nowhere last week.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Yes, the Renton diner, watched over my Quan Yin. My still with me after all these years purchase at out large SoCalif Buddhist temple, a tape of sung prayers to Quan Yin, if prayers is the right word. xo