Friday, December 21, 2012

The world didn't end, for cripes sake

Felix got a haircut today and he looks WHITE and poodle-y with a round soft fluffy head and ears.  I got my eyebrows dyed and 'shaped'. We both look like we're ready to party and mess up our looks.

I've made my way through a Danish series called 'Why They Kill' or something. I bet the translation sucks. Once again, I dare not turn away because my Danish isn't perfect. In fact, I know one word-tak-which means thanks. Now I'm working through Unit 1, another Danish series with a lady commissioner and a weird crew that do illegal wiretaps and beat up the suspects. O, and the Danes have a lot of nudity in their series, even penises.

I figured out why I love detective series so much. They are called out in the middle of the night, their hours are awful and nobody gets what they do. Pretty much like midwives. Of course, we hang out with babies and mommas and they go look at DBs (dead bodies).

I baked pears with a bit of pear juice and maple syrup. I stuck a few cloves into the pears. They were divine. The only problem were the stems which smoldered and smoked and set off the smoke detector which makes the dawg howl.


Ms. Moon said...

If I don't wash my dogs TODAY I'm going to have to have my olfactory nerve removed.
Let's not discuss my eyebrows.
You're right about the detectives! Plus- detectives, like midwives, often eat strange food at odd times. Birth/Death
From there to here/From here to there.
Curtains part, souls slip through.
Love you, dear Beth Coyote

Sabine said...

So where are the typos???
My brother who speaks Danish like a Viking god once tried to teach me to roll my tounge against the lower teeth - apparently essential in getting the correct Danish sounds. Very slobbery business.

I think I like crime series because it's the classic problem-search-solution thing. Usually that is. Like a cryptic crossword, eventually all the empty spaces get filled in and so on.

Mel said...

Your picture of Felix is wonderful, and except for the extra pounds on my dog, they could be twins. Yours looks somehow smarter, too. And do I ever have fern envy.

Wasn't the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by a Danish author? The original movie, before Daniel Craig, I watched in the original language subtitled, because dubbed was just wrong, and there was something so transporting about the language, even though I understood nothing they said. I just really liked the sound of it.

Sorry about the smoke detector ruining an otherwise perfect dish. My dog howls/sings the most pitiful song every time an ambulance siren goes wailing down the main highway by my house, which is sadly, much too often.

Next time I get the dog groomed I'm going to have to remember to groom me too. I need a haircut and possibly some new eyebrows myself.

Mel said...
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Pamela Johnson Parker said...

I go to the groomer myself next Friday. I might be a redhead again, but what's certain is that I will have smaller eyebrows. The Brooke Shields look I was talked into isn't for me.

Myrrh-y Holidays, Beth.


Marylinn Kelly said...

Detectives are also not confused about what any of this does or does not mean. I imagine the same is true of midwives. A giant tortoise, older than time, would provide a balanced perspective and not run too fast to be caught. I hope the rat situation is resolved. xo

beth coyote said...

Ms Mary-I love you too. In my next life, I'm gonna be a midwife/detective. I'll find out who the baby-daddy really is, I'll figure out the true due date and I'll detect the gender of the babe without ultrasound, yeah!

beth coyote said...

Sabine-hahahahahahahahaha slobbery, I bet. Detection is my favorite part, not the blood and gore. And the messy lives of the detectives, their blind spots and flaws.

beth coyote said...

Mel-yes, the GIrl series was written by a Dane. And the original movies were MUCH better, much better. American audiences don't want to work so hard-reading subtitles.

New eyebrows make you look younger and fancier, I'm sure an important issue for you!

XXX Beth

beth coyote said...

Dear Pamela-Eyebrows are a mysterious thing. Thick-thin, unibrow ala Freida, It's so confusing.

I vote for red hair, however. Especially in the winter.

XX Beth

beth coyote said...

Marylinn-the rat has, um, disappeared. I have no idea where it went. My fear-it will pop out of the grate or from behind the furniture when we have holiday guests over and they run screaming from the house.