Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We're at the top of Mt Washington, me and Felix and Holly. It was one hell of a hike. Loose rock almost all the way with steep switchbacks. Coming back down sucked. And we passed a bunch of mountain rescue people going up as we neared the parking lot. Uh-oh. Someone rock climbing fell and broke his ankle.


I am mighty glad to be in one piece. Holly fell twice. When I got home, I took an epsom salt bath and lay on the couch while my legs twitched and my feet made small yelping noises. My feet hurt all night.


I love hiking. I want to hike until I no longer can. We saw no one while we were hiking. The popular hikes are a) easier b) shorter c) less steep. The peaks are so great and this time we decided to go all the way to the top because we were stopped by snow so many times this year. Since I'm no longer a runner (sob), I can have my painful, exciting and possibly dangerous adventures in the wild. Just say no to bear encounters.

Felix slept all day yesterday. He was pooped too. Today he had a bath and a haircut. He looks like a real poodle.


Sabine said...

Great picture, what a view! The way you feel about hiking I feel about cycling. Long distance cycling.

Ms. Moon said...

I admire you so much. Take in the vistas for me, baby. I stay on the flatlands.

Ellena said...

Amazing how high we can climb when we look down while climbing. Encouraging to see how far we made it.
I wish I.....ok, I'll try and see.

Radish King said...

Lo e that photo! NO9T DRUNK!