Saturday, September 08, 2012

graphic post-enter at your peril

Ok, so we had four babies yesterday. I came home with vomit in my hair. A total biohazard. I fell asleep on the couch and went to my real bed at 8:30 and I don't think I moved for eight hours.

This morning, I gardened like a fiend. The dog needs his walk and then there are some babies to visit.

The life of a midwife.

O, I did take a shower. Actually I took three showers, between births. And then there was the vomit. I've been peed and pooped on. Of course there's blood and amniotic fluid. But vomit? it was a new one for me.

I'm well acquainted with body fluids. I figured out with my student that I haven't had spinal fluid on me. Or bile. Snot, sure.  But no bilious humors.

So I guess I haven't experienced EVERYTHING yet.


Ms. Moon said...

I one time figured out that midwives can be exposed in the course of their work to every bodily fluid except semen. I had forgotten spinal fluid but I guess that's possible...
I always puke when I'm in labor but I never, I promise you, puked on a midwife!
Bless you, darling. You did real good this weekend.

Ellena said...

Nor had I experienced everything until I spend 36 hrs with my daughter in a birthing center. Sour/Sweet experience. My hat off to you midwives and my daughter.

beth coyote said...

Thanks, Mary honey.

Ellena-yep, those labors can be long indeed.

beth coyote said...
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