Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Be still my heart. Deb's home and in the downstairs bedroom. This is what she does. She staggers out to the bathroom. She sits on the couch for five minutes and eats a bit of rice pudding with a wee bit of tea and some probiotics and arnica. Then she staggers back to bed for another four hours of sleep.

Tomorrow we're getting two Thanksgiving dinners. Yeah! Love my friends.

The new gutter has stopped leaking. I don't believe the evil gutter company came back and fixed it. ( I threatened to report them to the Better Business Bureau) but it is just sitting there, not leaking and it's been raining buckets. I think fairies fixed it. Because I lost my debit card yesterday and left the car window down last night (what? you think I was a tad distracted?) Now the car keeps locking the doors and the windows won't roll down. Maybe if it all dries, it will be ok? O, and the seat was soggy. Um, well, Deb is sleeping now and she's gonna be ok so who cares that the car keeps hiccuping and locking the doors, over and over.

May everyone everywhere have enough to eat tomorrow. May all have a warm place to sleep and be safe.


Radish King said...

Oh Beth, oh Deb (I haven't met Deb but I remember her from the reading I do the reading at Phinny Ridge I remember her very bright aura) I am so sorry for your hurts and I will bring you my dinner too if you need more just let me know we're 100% veggie.

Ms. Moon said...

Here I am, holding these women in my heart-hand whom I've never met- you and Deb and Madame King and so many more of us crazy women who have found each other because our energy just begs to be found by each other and god, I love all of you.
That's all.
Happy Thanksgiving.

beth coyote said...

Dearest R- thank you for your generosity. We are overflowing with food. And Deb is cautiously eating miso and hot cereal.


And Ms Moon-we love you too all of us everywhere watching salmon, taking care of our loved ones post-surgery and cooking a feast on this day of thanks.