Thursday, April 14, 2011

I rarely call myself an imbecile but I am an imbecile. I sent poems to a journal that doesn't accept simultaneous submissions and I didn't record what I sent them. Idiot! And then I tried to find their email and my tech savvy g'friend figured it out because it was NOWHERE on their beautiful WEB page. I groveled and begged for their forgiveness.

I have been submitting and yesterday I found out I'm being published, hooray. Just one lettle poem but it made me absurdly happy.

The cats are using the new couch as a scratching post. Bad cats!! We are using the squirt bottle trick but will soon resort to harsher methods. Withholding catnip? Making them sleep in the cellar? Dressing them in doll clothes?


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Thanks. See you tomorrow night.