Friday, February 20, 2009

In the locker room at the pool, there were two ladies in the shower. At first they were talking about camelbacks and the lovely camelbacks at the camelback sale. After a while they switched to camelback RUGS, an item I can't explain. One of the ladies just had to buy two, one for the hallway, you should come over and see it, such pretty colors. The other lady laughed in that fakey way, har, har, har and went to dry her hair. They were both large ladies with beautiful thick haunches, substantial and smooth. I was hoping to use the word haunches in a sentence and I have.

Now the world is coated in a film, blurry and gray. The house is cold because I don't turn on the heat unless I'm desperate. The furnace goes on by itself as if it is trying to protect me. Lola gets under the covers with me and drools on the pillow. 


Apple said...

We have camelback spiders in North Carolina. They're a cross between a spider and a cricket, a spricket, and I would never ever want a rug made of them.

beth coyote said...

Do they have little humps for crossing the desert? A spricket? HAHAHAHAH.